Selling Jewels



Bring your Gold and Luxurious Watches to any of our locations.

You can also ship it from the comfort of your home (Available only in the US) and watch LIVE the opening of your envelope and the evaluation done by our experts where we will verify the weight and purity of your jewelry to give you the best offer and pay you immediately.

Nevertheless we recommend our clients to get a loan instead of selling their jewerly, this way whenever they need money, they can get another loan, “Having a jewel is like having a line of credit always open.”

We don’t buy imitation jewelry or gold plated. Please only send us Gold and Luxury Watches (Rolex and Cartier). You can send broken gold .

How does it work?

In Person

Bring your Gold and Luxury watches (Rolex & Cartier) to any of our locations and get your CASH   IMMEDIATELY.

Send it by Mail

(Only available in USA)


Step 1

Send us a copy of your Picture ID (Driver License or Passport ), place it with your jewelry inside a double reclosabe bag style Ziplock and secure it with tape, please be sure that the bag is well closed.


Step 2

Place your sealed package inside the USPS envelope and send regulary by Fedex or USPS. Your package travel insurance is up to $ 1,000, therefore , if you need more insurance coverage please let us know.  Remember to keep your tracking number.


Step 3

We will get in touch with you immediately once we receive it, so that you can watch LIVE when our experts evaluate your jewels, then we will make you an offer and we will pay you immediately by check, paypal, wire transfer or cash.

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