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The price of Gold is higher every day and the trend of the last 30 years is on the rise, so to all our clients who need urgent cash we recommend that they apply for a loan. They can get a loan on their Gold and recover their jewelry later. This way, they will always have the opportunity to get another loan whenever they need it. ‘Having a jewel is like having a line of credit always open for emergencies.’

Dealing with the bank for a credit is not easy. With Franky’s Cash, bring your jewelry and walk out with money instantly.

Franky’s Efectivo has been in the market for more than 20 years and  has 21 locations. We have always given unconditional support for customers who need money fast. We are proud to say that 95% of our clients who take a loan on their jewelry, recover it in a few months, and whenever they need cash, they return to Franky’s Cash with their jewelry, and we can help them once again. This way you always have your jewelry as an emergency resource. If you want to take a loan now and decide to sell your jewelry later, we can also help you.

You can send:


Please do not send IMITATION JEWELRY, or ENCHAPED items coated with Gold.

Please do not send items that have sentimental value, except that you want to pawn them, in which case we know how to take care of them very well until you can repay your loan.

You can send everything you want, however if your package is valued at more than $ 1,000, please let us know to arrange a special insurance for security reasons. Please note that Franky’s Efectivo Corp complies with the Patriot Act, so some transactions may be subject to federal reporting and additional requirements.

There is no need to clean, arrange, or weigh jewelry before sending.

Yes, you can send Gold either jewelry or broken and Fine watches whether they are working or not.

No, you can send your jewelry in a double reclosable plastic bag, and attach a copy of your ID ( drivers license or passport)

You can ask for the tracking number to the company you chose to send the jewels and keep track of your package until we receive it.

We will contact you immediately once we receive your package.

You can see LIVE, when our experts perform the evaluation of your jewelry in our laboratories and you can see the evaluation from your home.

You have the right to know the value of your jewels before we send your money, so at Franky’s Efectivo Corp, we send you an offer by email or telephone and we give you up to 24 hours for you to accept before we send your money.

The faster you accept the offer, the faster you receive your money.

You will receive your money immediately after accepting our offer through: bank transfer, via Paypal, check or cash in our offices, remember the faster you accept our offer, the faster you receive your money.

Go to your account and click on “View my offer”, and after reviewing it in detail click on “Accept” and thus accelerate your payment.

At Franky’s Efectivo we calculate the value of your gold based primarily on these factors:

-The price of gold according to Kicto Metals Inc

-The actual weight of your jewels

-The amount of carats of your gold, which is a percentage of 24 carats:

  • 10 kt has 41.6% Gold
  • 14 kt has 58.3% Gold
  • 18 kt has 75% Gold

The commitment of Franky’s Efectivo is to give the best offer and pay your money as quickly as possible, so it is our company policy that if we do not hear from you within 24 hours after sending you an offer, we will make your payment, assuming that you accept automatically.

Yes, we will make the payment, following the method that you selected after 24 hours of having started the process of your gold jewelry package.

If we pay you through a check and you have not received it, you have 10 days to return the check UNUSED and we will send your package back to you.

If we pay you in cash at our office, before you get payed, you sign that you accept the offer and that you waive the return period.

If your payment is made through Paypal or Bank Transfer, you automatically accept the terms and conditions of payment which includes a waiver of the deadline for return.

Remember that you have 24 hours to decline the offer, after that time we consider the transaction closed.

You can read if your article has stamped the karat mark as follows:

10 carats (10 k, 10 kt, 416)

14 kt (14 k, 14 kt, 585)

18 carats (18 k, 18 kt, 750)

NOTE: If you have a garment with the 1/10 GF print, it is not solid Gold, only the plating, please DO NOT SEND IT.

However, it may be that an article has a stamp but it is not genuine. Our experts will rate your articles in our laboratories, and if they consider that they are not jewels despite some wrong stamping and that it has no value, we will return them through First Class mail.

10 k = 2,400 ounces

14 k = 1,714 ounces

18 k = 1,333 ounces

22 k = 1,091 ounces

Once your check has been cashed or your payment issued, your gold will be cast

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